Illinois Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyers can’t and, in fact, shouldn’t handle all cases that are proposed to them. They often decline cases that come out of their expertise area or when they don’t have the necessary skills. Such lawyers often refer cases to other attorneys. Lawyers in Illinois are not an exception. They often search for a referral service paying a nominal referral fee or for the consultation. The lucky ones know about the web and mobile app AppearMe. They find an attorney through simple request making and make all referral arrangements on their own without paying the processing agency. Since Illinois is one of our service areas, we will concentrate on an Illinois lawyer service in this article. Make sure to check other services of AppearMe in 9 other states (California, New York, Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona).


How Is It Normally Done?

For most of the cases, you must call a case referral service to talk to a referral counselor to receive the referral. The service might charge you a nominal fee ranging from $15 to $ 50. If you pay this fee, it is most likely that you will not pay for an attorney consultation. Otherwise, be ready to pay for a half hour consultation at a fee that is arranged between you and the attorney.

To make things clear, you even don’t know whether you are going to refer your case to the attorney, but you have already paid something like $50. What if I say you don’t need to do that? You can refer a case absolutely free, search the profiles of attorneys and earn your referral fee just because you have an account with a web and mobile app(App Store or Google Play). Let’s get real. Why pay for something that is given to you at no cost, at the conditions that are better than any lawyer referral service offers? You just need guidance on how to open an account (free signup) and become part of a huge attorney team that has already thousands of users.


Why Are We Doing This?

First, let me tell you that we are not a lawyer referral service. We are a portal of attorneys who exchange jobs and refer cases. I know you might be asking why we are doing this when we charge no processing fee, no registration fee and leave all referral fees to the attorneys. To make things clear, we do charge for appearance jobs, deposition jobs, court reporting jobs and we are fascinated to see a lot of attorneys on our platform. That is why we encourage you to open an account with AppearMe.


How to Use AppearMe Instead of an Illinois Lawyer Referral Service?

To use AppearMe instead of an Illinois lawyer referral service, you need to sign up. The system will guide you through steps. When you fill in all the required information and submit the info, we will verify your profile information. If you are an attorney with an active license and without disciplinary history, you will become a user. Once you are a user, you can post/accept court appearance jobs, deposition job, find a court reporter and refer cases. For more info, please read our FAQs.

In any case, we are available to answer all your questions. Get the assistance with AppearMe by calling us at (888) 900-3080 or sending an email to [email protected].

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