Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

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AppearMe has a network of licensed attorneys registered who are ready to appear on your behalf. Once you register and submit a case, several attorneys will send you an offer to appear for you. You have a chance to review their profiles and select the attorney you prefer. The appearance attorneys make the appearance and send you a report within 24 hours of the appearance.

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You do not have to. All the information is listed on each attorney’s profile. You can message the attorney using the built-in messaging app, send him/her an email or talk on the phone. The app is designed to offer the fastest and most efficient solution.

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AppearMe is free to register, search and find an attorney. Once an attorney is selected, you have to pay the appearance fee.

Our prices differ depending on the appearance type.

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You can cancel the appearance request 24 before the appearance date and time.

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An appearance attorney cannot cancel an appearance under “cases”. To cancel an appearance the attorney has to contact the client and have him/her cancel the appearance no later than 24 before the scheduled date/time.

An appearance attorney can close a case only after the schedule date and time of the appearance. The attorney has 24 hours to close the case and send the client a report.

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