Attorneys may refer cases to other attorneys for any number of reasons –  perhaps their caseload is too heavy or maybe they lack expertise in a particular field of law. AppearMe is created by lawyers who understand that when lawyers decide to refer their cases, they want to make sure that the client will have the best possible experience that will lead to great results. 

AppearMe, a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application, allows attorneys and law firms to submit and accept case referrals, appearances, and depositions, as well as freelance tasks, interpreting, and court reporting requests within 60 seconds. 

We offer you to make your work with other attorneys less time-consuming through a 100% automated tool. You will spend less time and find an attorney in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to search among fellow attorneys or make hundreds of phone calls. You can post your case by a push of a button.


Refer a Case: AppearMe – the Easiest and Most Efficient App to Submit and Accept a Case Referral Request

When the workload is too much and there’s not enough time in the day, we encourage you to refer cases using the easiest and most efficient legal tool available. AppearMe enables attorneys to refer their cases to other attorneys free of charge and earn a referral fee*. It takes only 2 minutes to sign up with AppearMe and 60 seconds to refer your case to an experienced attorney with an active license and without disciplinary history. We are proud of our great network of legal professionals who share legal jobs and exchange cases with each other. 

AppearMe makes referring cases to other attorneys easy. Managing referrals and referral fees, when and where permitted by your local state bar rules, can be done through our simple interface.

After you post a case, thousands of attorneys of our network will automatically get push notifications and emails about your request and will respond to it within 60 seconds. Our application allows you to review attorneys’ profiles and choose the one who fits all of your requirements. The application allows you to contact the chosen attorney directly.


Here are some common areas you may need an attorney:

  • Labor & Employment
  • Family Law (divorce, post-decree, adoptions)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation, arbitration)
  • Criminal (misdemeanors, felonies, DUI, white-collar)
  • Bankruptcy (personal and corporate)
  • Immigration (families and corporate)
  • Corporate and General Business Law (especially business formation)
  • Insurance Law (plaintiff and defense)
  • Personal Injury (plaintiff and defense)
  • Litigation (including civil litigation, commercial litigation, and business litigation)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Real Estate


AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide!

Download the AppearMe Application and Explore Our Outstanding Features

In order to sign up, download the AppearMe all-in-one application from the Apple Store or Google Play for free or just head to our website. After creating an account and getting verified, you will be able to enjoy our comprehensive services and innovative solutions. 


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*The referral fees are honored and paid in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.