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AppearMe offers an unprecedented special appearance app which is helping attorneys find coverage for their hearings, depositions and assign various freelance assignments in as little as 60 seconds on average. Many of the attorneys in our network have been enjoying the website and mobile app for over 3 years. After our successful launch in California, we are steadily yet rapidly expanding through the states of Arizona, Nevada, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. The app is easy to use, fully automated, integrates the latest technologies with benefits that are difficult to overlook.


Your Special Appearance App is Already in the Market

AppearMe, your mobile and web app, is the only unique and one of a kind technology which lets you find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, court reporters, interpreters and freelance attorneys in less than a minute. A lot of attorneys find jobs through this special appearance app. The process is automatic and easy to use. The attorneys that have become loyal users of the app appreciate the efficiency, the fast speed, the security and full automation of the app.


2 Minutes to Post an Appearance

  • Attorneys of record spend less than 2 minutes to complete the basic case and appearance-related info.
  • Each task has its own minimum price, but you can bid up the value
  • You can attach files relating to the task
  • Once all the fields are filled, you can submit the request and allow hundreds of attorneys to accept your offer.
  • Do the same with depositions, freelance task, court reporting, and court interpreting requests.


60 Seconds to Find an Appearance Attorney

Our record time of finding an appearance attorney is at 27 seconds with an average time of 60 seconds! A task that used to take a day or two out of your busy schedule now takes only seconds. 


  • Saves hours to find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, court reporter, interpreter, and freelance lawyer

  • Hiring attorneys – pay online and avoid invoicing hassle

  • Hired professionals – get paid directly seconds after you close the task


What Do Our Customers Love About our Special Appearance App?

There are a lot of benefits our customers enjoy. That’s is why we have a pool of loyal customers who believe AppearMe is a useful tool in their legal practice. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Speed: no one can underestimate the efficiency of the product when it comes to speed. The system is built on smart technology and enables its users to get the fastest results.
  • Easy to use: not only the app works fast, but it is also easy to use. Attorneys of record have to fill in a couple of fields, and their request is ready. Once the appearance attorney commits to your offer, you can call or text a lawyer to discuss details.
  • Practical: any lawyer can admit that having an app that you can use whenever you need or want is practical in a lot of sense. Lawyers face a lot of stress and heavy workload and using an app when you have no commitments unless you post a request is not prudent to turn down.
  • Innovative: no one can argue that lawyers can succeed in this digital age only if they walk in line with technology. AppearMe is a technological tool that you can use in your legal practice never losing in the competition.
  • Financially beneficial: both attorneys of record and hired attorneys benefit when they use the app. Attorneys of record can spend more time on more mandatory tasks and still earn bucks and hired attorneys earn their fees when they take up job assignments.


Contact AppearMe for More Info

We have covered just a part of what AppearMe can do for you. To make it even clearer, visit our Services page. In case you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to support@appearme.com

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