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Illinois attorneys face no shortage of jobs. The annual crime rate in Illinois is 313,677, out of which 56,180 are violent crimes, and 257,497 are property crimes, according to Neighbourhood Scout. Illinois attorneys have to deal with issues like divorce, dividing property, deciding what is best for children, real estate disputes and more. No attorney can handle so many cases if left alone. No wonder the help of an Illinois appearance attorney has become very common in this state. 

We can help you with this matter. Now Illinois attorneys can find an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before their hearing. So, what’s so special about this web and mobile application(App Store and Google Play) – AppearMe? To put it shortly, it saves attorneys in many challenging situations through fast, efficient and secure functionality.

AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide!


Appearance Attorney: AppearMe is 100% Automatic

Everything from request processing to invoicing to payment is done through an automatic system. Stuck in a traffic jam? Fill in simple fields and submit a request. An appearance attorney will claim for your request in an average of 60 seconds.

The smart functionality of the application allows attorneys to take up jobs in their neighborhood and even in the courthouse where they are waiting for another hearing. Why travel long hours when another attorney can do the same job in 10 minutes? Go on billing your clients at a higher rate at your law office and pay the appearance attorney a competitive rate for court appearance jobs.


Sign up to AppearMe for Appearance Attorneys and More!

Go ahead sign up to this most useful application to request appearance attorneys and to work as an appearance attorney in Illinois. Registration is free. Attorneys of Record pay per match and only when an Appearance Attorney claims for their request.

But that is not all!

  • You can request a court reporter with our application and get connected in minutes!
  • And can refer entire cases and earn a referral fee! We charge no processing fee for referrals but all referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance to each state’s Bar rules and regulations.


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