Request Appearance Attorneys

AppearMe allows you to find an appearance attorney in an area of law and near a court location, you have selected within a minute. Our attorneys are qualified in all areas of law, including family law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal law. AppearMe enables you to find an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before the hearing. Our application is easy to use and It takes 2 minutes to create an appearance and next thing you know, an attorney commits to your request. 

Request Deposition Attorneys

Sign up via our website or free mobile application and find a deposition attorney near a location you have selected on an average of 60 seconds. Thousands of deposition attorneys registered in our network get push notifications once you submit a request. It takes 2 minutes to sign up, and less than 60 seconds to find a deposition attorney. You can communicate with the attorney by phone or through the application.


Find Interpreters

Here in AppearMe, we care about your productivity. That’s why we have created our free application with so many features and services to help you manage your endless to-do list and stay productive. Reduce task overload by signing up for AppearMe. Post unlimited interpreter job offers on our portal absolutely for free, and find an interpreter within 60 seconds.

Refer Cases

We understand how overwhelming can be attorneys’ days. Sometimes when you have limited time and a strict schedule to follow, you need a helping hand by your attorney friends. You can refer a case to your attorney friend using the AppearMe portal. We offer you to make your work with other attorneys less time-consuming through a 100% automated tool. Unlike most lawyer referral services, AppearMe charges no processing fee for case referrals while the referring attorney earns a commission as usual.


Find Court Reporters

AppearMe has simplified the process of hiring court reporters. Now attorneys fill in a couple of fields, submit a request and schedule a court reporter easier and faster than ever before. We have professional court reporters registered on the AppearMe portal. They will respond to your offer in real-time. In practice, this means that a court reporter will accept your offer in less than a minute on average. Moreover, we require that all professionals who register to have an active license.

Find Freelance Attorneys

AppearMe empowers attorneys to exchange freelance legal work online. Be ready to revolutionize your career as a freelance attorney and find a telecommuting job for freelance attorneys easier than ever! Sign up now and join our large attorney network, and get hired instantly!

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