Welcome to the 21st century way of finding an appearance attorney!

hiring appearance attorneysYes, we are here to disrupt how you work, how you take care of the appearances that you are too far away to make or too busy to attend. AppearMe was created by a team of attorneys, programmers, designers and other creative geniuses to make your legal practice super productive.

Gone are the days when you had to make 20 phone calls, leave 15 voice messages, waste hours of valuable billing time, look for and post on dozens of ineffective Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Forget the old way of taking care of your hearings and special appearances.

With AppearMe a one-minute registration and case-creation process gives you as much as 4 stress-free hours of free time that can be added to your billable hours or can be spent playing catch with someone special.

Using AppearMe you can fill up your appearance calendar to the fullest. Not an appearance attorney but stuck in court? Turn on the app, pick up an appearance or two and earn extra $60 to $120 for a day that was suppose to give you nothing but ineffective waiting at the courtroom.

It is as easy as 1-2-3.

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