AppearMe is an app created by attorneys for attorneys!

Appearance attorney

Born in 2016, AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile app that connects thousands of attorneys within minutes. It lets you find appearance attorneys or court appearances even 10 minutes prior to the appearance time.

  • What we offer?

Seamlessly easy real-time ability to pick up court appearances or to find appearance attorneys to cover your hearings – just like a driver can pick up a passenger or a passenger can find a ride by a push of a button. We are the first startup to bring Silicon Valley ingenuity to the legal industry.

  • Who is it for?

Any attorney who might need an appearance attorney to cover a hearing for them or any attorney who wishes to earn extra income by covering such appearances. Thousands of attorneys have signed up for AppearMe and have become loyal users. AppearMe will change how you practice law – for the better.

  • Is there any type of a commitment involved?

There is absolutely no cost or commitment to using the app when you sign up. You can sign up and have it in your arsenal of tools to be used only when needed or desired. Most common times to use AppearMe are when you have an emergency or if you have free time (perhaps while stuck in court).

  • What are the benefits?

Our goal was to create an app that was insanely useful, effective and lucrative for the users. Any attorney who has practiced some form of litigation knows that once in a while he or she needs someone to cover an appearance for them. AppearMe’s usefulness is undeniable – it essentially lets you find an appearance attorney anytime you need one within minutes. AppearMe is so effective that it takes 2-3 minutes to upload one’s case info and another 60 seconds for another attorney to commit to making your appearance for you. AppearMe is extremely affordable for the one seeking an appearance attorney and profitable for the one making the appearance. Lastly, attorneys can use the app in both modes – to find appearance attorneys and to make appearances. This lets one schedule ahead to plan for trips or court conflicts or to cover emergencies or fill up free time with income generating appearances.

AppearMe revolutionizes how you manage your legal practice. Welcome to the 21st century.