We are AppearMe — Innovative, Fast and Reliable!

AppearMe is the only on-demand mobile and web application that provides real-time support to legal professionals nationwide. Our easy-to-use & innovative application allows attorneys to submit and accept appearance, depositions as well as freelance tasks using a single AppearMe account. The fast and secure solution lets attorneys find the legal help they need within 60 seconds, even 10 minutes before their hearing or deposition.

When the attorney of record submits a request, thousands of registered legal professionals that meet the submission criteria receive email and in-app push notifications. Our advanced algorithm chooses attorneys based on their rating, location, practice area, calendar availability and other preferences set by both sides.

In addition, AppearMe offers several full-featured services to support any litigator, from solo, midsize to large law firms. 

AppearMe for Consumers makes it easy and affordable for individuals & businesses to find a lawyer for all their legal matters. Our up front and self pricing feature ensures that you are always in control of your legal fees.

The Directory by AppearMe  enables lawyers to browse and select expert witnesses and litigation support specialists with the required experience and expertise to assist through all phases of the litigation process.