Court Reporters Do More than Court Testimony

“What do you do?”
“I’m a court reporter!”
“What’s that?”

“Do you know the person who sits in front of the judge in the courtroom and records everything that is said during the trial? That’s the court reporter!”

“Oh, yes! Have seen them in some of my favorite TV shows and movies”

This is a typical conversation between an old acquaintance and a court reporter who is always asked what his or her job is about! In fact, it’s difficult to explain what these legal professionals do in a short sentence. That’s why we have prepared this article for those who are interested in starting a career in court reporting but are a little clueless about what it actually is!


Wondering What Court Reporters Do? Here is the Answer!

Court reporters’ job is a quiet one. They are always in the background, patiently taking down every word that is spoken during various legal proceedings. However, in spite of their silent role, there’s so much more that professionals in court reporting do!


Court reporters within a courtroom or legal setting must:


  • Attend legal proceedings to make official recordings;
  • Operate a variety of equipment, including transcription machines, computer terminals, audio equipment, and printers;
  • Read back transcripts during trial and courtroom proceedings;
  • Prepare transcripts according to standardized formats;
  • Review and certify the accuracy of printed transcripts;
  • File transcripts with the county clerk in a timely manner;
  • Review court calendars and make arrangements for other court reporters to provide services when needed;
  • Coordinate meetings and maintain the calendar for the judge and/or court;
  • Schedule trials and other court proceedings (in cooperation with the clerk of court), etc.


On top of that, in the 21st century, court reporters not only produce official written transcripts of legal proceedings but work outside of the courtroom as well! The thing is the demand for these professionals is growing in other industries that require real-time court reporters to provide transcriptions or captioning of conferences, seminars, video, and television. For example, they are hired by television producers and stations to provide real-time translation services for the hearing-impaired, as well as real-time captioning for political speeches, live entertainment events, emergency warnings, sporting events, sales conferences and conventions.

However, everything is not as rosy as it might seem! Behind every successful court reporter, there is an unseen hard work and persistence! Without any exception, every successful professional in court reporting spends sleepless nights, stressful days and never stops expanding his or her skills, knowledge and experience.

So bear in mind, with patience and hard work, you can also become a court reporter and enjoy the many benefits of working in this growing field.


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