AppearMe Outperforms Case Referral Services

Attorneys normally have a heavy caseload, or they just are not eligible to take all cases proposed by potential clients. In this case, they try to find another lawyer to help them with the case. Normally lawyers apply to case referral services to find a competent lawyer. In this article, I would like to highlight one revolutionary breakthrough in these services. You can find an attorney with an automatic application called AppearMe in the states of California, New York, Nevada, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Illinois.

To put it very clear from the start, we do not provide lawyers for individuals. We only match attorneys. An attorney may want to refer a case because it is out of his or her jurisdiction or simply they don’t have enough expertise in a specific practice area. Instead of calling a regular lawyer referral service and getting a lawyer just next in the list, you can use the help of AppearMe that matches attorneys. We are not a lawyer referral service. We just connect attorneys.


Case Referral Services: Sign up and Gain Access to Thousands of Attorneys

When you sign up and become a user, you can submit a request for a case and the request will automatically transfer to thousands of lawyers. They will get push notifications on their mobiles and emails. You can review the profiles of 5 and more attorneys and choose the one that best fits your case needs according to the attorney profile. Some attorneys specify their practice areas so you can make your best judgment proceeding from their expertise.

AppearMe merely matches the attorneys. It charges no processing fee. The referring attorney can earn a referral fee according to state regulations. Negotiations regarding the referred case and referral fees are done between 2 parties. However, all referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance to each state’s Bar rules and regulations.

If you are an attorney and want to refer a case to another legal professional, we advise to register with AppearMe and earn a referral fee. For more information, please read our help page or contact our 24/7 online team for details.

At this point, we want to assure you that this app proposes the best attorney referral option in the market due to the use of technology and automation.

Since signing up is absolutely free, you lose nothing. Instead, you gain access to appearance attorneys and court reporters as well by having a legal tool at your disposal that you can use only when needed. Sign up and enjoy the benefits of the app! If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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