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Looking for Appearance Attorneys who Appear Anywhere at Any Time? AppearMe is the Application you Need!

Yes, that is right. AppearMe will help you find an appearance attorney anywhere. Just check our mobile and web application for locations and see if any attorneys in the area are interested in your hearing. Appearance attorneys registered in our nationwide network appear anytime, anywhere.
The great thing about AppearMe is that you don’t have to waste too much time or money. Finding an appearance lawyer takes only a couple of minutes. By joining AppearMe, you get the chance of creating your appearance and letting others do the work for you. Attorneys registered on the AppearMe platform will take care of your appearances.
Being a user of AppearMe is not only about court appearances. Interested in finding an attorney for a deposition? Our registered attorneys will respond in a minute! Or maybe you have to submit answers to a complaint? No worries! Our nationwide network of freelance attorneys is here to help. Furthermore, AppearMe users get access to a free directory of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists. The directory enables you to find court interpreters, court reporters, legal videographers, as well as expert witnesses with a wide range of experience delivering testimony in various legal forums.



How Does the Application Work?

AppearMe makes the whole process of finding and hiring an appearance attorney as efficient as possible. Once the attorney of record submits a request, all attorneys registered in our nationwide network get push emails and notifications and respond to the request in a matter of seconds.
Interested in how to become a user? Super simple! Download the application from the App Store or Google Play or head to www.appearme.com to open an account. We will get back to you in a couple of hours. Once you become a user, you can submit and accept attorney appearance services, deposition offers and various legal jobs within 60 seconds.
Now that you know that AppearMe will serve only good for your legal career, don’t waste a minute to sign up for AppearMe! You can get real clients with real cases by joining the AppearMe nationwide network. It is time for you to be more efficient and productive.

One last reminder! Case referrals are absolutely free with AppearMe! Take your chance!


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