Do you want to find appearance attorneys fast and easy? Do you have a scheduling conflict with your court hearing?

attorneys on demand


AppearMe is here to help. You can create appearance requests and find attorneys on demand and in real time within minutes. Login to our web or mobile app to explore the endless possibilities offered by our state of the art, fast and secure network. Available in Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Texas, FloridaIllinoisNew Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, PennsylvaniaOregon and Washington.

With AppearMe you can forget about the long hours spent finding appearance attorney, deposition attorney, court reporter, freelance attorney, interpreter and the long waiting times when stuck at the courthouse. Our network of thousands of attorneys is ready to step in and meet all our demands in real time.


How Does it Work?

Using AppearMe is easy. By signing up and submitting your appearance you get an opportunity to match with thousands of attorneys who are willing to be your appearance attorney on demand in any court, at any time, for any hearing.

Are you in court and have nothing to do until your case is called up next? Turn on the AppearMe app and see if any of your colleagues need any help at that time and at the same courthouse. You can accept appearance requests and make an extra $75 to $350 ( find more about the benefits offered by AppearMe in the page for Appearance Attorneys and Deposition Attorneys).


Attorneys on Demand: Court Appearances but More than That

You may also find a freelance lawyer for any task. Here is a short list of tasks you can post/accept: drafting a complaint, writing a complaint, drafting a lawsuit, drafting a demand letter and more. If you can’t find your task in the platform page, please choose “other” and specify you task. The registered attorneys will step in on an average of 60 seconds.

But that is not all! On top of that, you can find a court reporter and an interpreter and do that in literally minutes.


Explore the AppearMe App Now to Learn More About How it Works

It is easy to get started. Just register on the web or download the Apple or Android mobile app to begin your journey to super-productivity. Creating an account takes a minute or so. Submitting an appearance request is even faster. As soon as you submit your request our real-time engine will introduce your entry to everyone registered on the platform. The first attorney who accepts the invitation becomes your appearance attorney or deposition attorney. In case of freelance jobs, you can choose among 5 attorneys reading their profiles or communicating with them.

To find the answers to more of your questions visit our Help page. Call us at (888) 900-3080  or send an email to