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I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep

And find your king of the hill, top of the heap! Welcome, New York!


AppearMe is here for all attorneys in one of the most populous and the most international cities in the world. Do I ever care? You should if you are an attorney with a busy schedule. AppearMe can help you find a per diem attorney services in New York in less than a minute through the fastest special appearance app in the market.


Should I Believe this or is this One of the Promos?

Our claims are based on evidence. Our record time is as little as 27 seconds. Appearance attorneys normally claim for appearances in less than 60 seconds.

AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide! AppearMe has revolutionized how law firms find an appearance attorney and how appearances are managed from requests to reporting to invoicing – all in one 100% automated app.


I Want to Find a Per Diem Attorney, No Hassle Please!

You want to find a per diem attorney and you don’t want a hassle? Possible! All the great things are simple. Our automated app can help you find an appearance attorney easy and fast.


Per Diem Attorney Services: Here is How it Works

An attorney of record posts a request and an appearance attorney accepts the request through a Web or mobile app(App Store and Google Play Store). When an attorney of record posts a request, the attorneys registered in the system get a push notification. The first attorney claiming for the appearance acts as an attorney for the specific offer.

Once you get registered, you can post an unlimited number of job offers and appearance attorneys registered in the portal commit to these offer in merely a minute.

AppearMe drives for fast results and efficiency. Since the first attorney committing to the job offer is the one who takes the assignment, the attorneys act fast. Expect less than one minute for your offer to be taken.

You can post an offer a day, an hour and even 10 minutes before your court hearing. Fast, efficient and easy to use.


I Am Interested in Pricing, Tell Me the Price

AppearMe has a competitive pricing policy that is beneficial both for the attorney who posts a request (attorney of record) and the attorney who accepts the request (appearance attorney).

Attorneys of record do not pay a price which is higher than the market offers. Instead, they get fast results that are not available elsewhere in the market.

Appearance attorneys can make up to $140 per appearance making the portal a source of steady income. For complete info about our pricing, visit our pricing page.

New York attorneys, never look for an appearance attorney elsewhere! Pay the same price for the fastest results! Sign up today and find an appearance attorney in New York immediately after you get verified.