Appearance Attorneys on Call


AppearMe is an indispensable application that has revolutionized not only how legal professionals are hired but also the entire process of finding litigation services and support. It enables attorneys to request appearances from attorneys on call and find attorneys on demand within 60 seconds, in any court and at any time. 

Moreover, AppearMe is not only about court appearances. Our web and mobile application allows attorneys and law firms to find deposition attorneys, freelance attorneys as well as various legal jobs and case referrals using the same account. 

AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide!


Here is How You Request Appearance Attorneys on Call

  • You post a request
  • The first attorney who responds to your request gets the job
  • The appearance attorney covers the assignment
  • The appearance attorney gets paid

AppearMe has developed a smart algorithm that chooses an attorney you requested based on his or her rating, location, and preferences. This means that you have a very high chance of finding the attorney you need. 

It’s as simple as that. Pay per assignment, and – most importantly – pay if you are only content with the result in the case of a freelance assignment. For our payment policy, please view our pricing page.


Download the AppearMe App and Find Attorneys on Demand Within a Minute

Please download our application from the App Store or Google Play in order to sign up, or head to our website to create an account. The AppearMe application is free and simple-to-use. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and  submit your information, and 60 seconds to find an attorney on demand once your appearance request is submitted.  

Please remember to check your email to verify your account after you sign up. Once you verify your account, you can request appearance attorneys and other legal professionals through the same account. 


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We encourage you to contact us at any time of the day when you have questions or need help. Please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]

Our 24/7 customer support team would love to answer all your questions and provide support if needed. And don’t forget to check out the FAQ section! Read our blog for useful information and thoughtful insights.


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