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Being a lawyer in Oregon means tons of work on your to-do-list, conflicting work schedule and last minute tasks. If you have a court appearance on top of that, life seems nothing but stress. Let’s face the issue. How many times did you need an Oregon appearance attorney and went through the nuisance of calling the agencies or contacting attorneys through legal directories? No lawyer has the time and nerves to do that anymore. Luckily, there is a web and mobile app in the market that can help you with your court appearance needs. You can download the application absolutely free from App Store and Google Play. AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide!


Find an Appearance Attorney, Deposition Attorney, and Court Reporter in Oregon

AppearMe is one of the leading appearance management applications in the legal market. It achieved its goal to become one of the most useful tools for thousands of attorneys.

Now you can post/accept court appearance jobs, freelance attorney jobs, deposition jobs and find a court reporter with a touch of your mobile screen. Just open an account in AppearMe, and after the staff verifies your profile, you will become a user of the application if you’re an attorney with an active license and without disciplinary history.

Making a request will take 2-3 minutes of your time. Attorneys respond within 60 seconds in average. The whole job takes not more than 5 minutes. But this is not the whole story. Go on reading, and you will discover an app that any lawyer should have today in this digital age.


Refer a Case in Oregon and Earn Referral Fee

One of the services of AppearMe is case referral. You can refer a case and earn referral fee depending on state regulations. You don’t need to pay us! We charge no processing fee. We are just a matching platform for attorneys. The only requirement is that the referral fees must be honored and paid in accordance to State bar rules and regulation.


Invite an Attorney Friend and Get $40

Once you become a user of the portal, you can invite as many attorney friends as you wish and get $40 for each signup. You will not pay the app for becoming a user. We will pay you when you invite an attorney friend!

It is hard to turn down a legal app that you will have in your pocket to use only when you need! The app is incredibly efficient both for an attorney of record and for an appearance attorney. Use it when you have depositions, freelance tasks, court appearances, when you need a court reporter and when you want to refer a case.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Find the right attorney just by the touch of your mobile screen! Need sick leave? Don’t miss a court hearing. An attorney in Oregon will immediately respond to your request!


Ready to be a High-Flyer? Contact us!

Now that you know how easy it is to find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney and court reporter as well as to refer a case, you have no excuse not to open an account in this legal app which is absolutely free to register! By a high-flyer! Contact AppearMe or sign up today! For more info read our FAQs.