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You can use our website and mobile apps to find an appearance attorney within minutes. Attorneys registered in the system are ready to appear anywhere for most any hearing. Give us a try today.

California special appearances covered
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Sign Up

It takes a minute to sign up and set up your preferences. By signing you gain the ability to submit your appearances and to receive appearance requests.


Create a Case

It takes another minute to create a case and submit it to a list of hundreds of appearance attorneys. Just enter your case name, date, courthouse location and a brief description.

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Match with an Appearance Attorney

You will see the appearance on your matched cases calendar view once an attorney accepts your request. At this point you can message the attorney, call and talk or just sit back and wait until the appearance is made.

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Instead of sitting and waiting for attorney or companies to call you, sign up today and start filling up your calendar with appearance cases. It takes less than a minute to sign up and verify your account.


California special appearances covered
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Receive Appearance Offers

The New Appearance tab will have all the appearances that were submitted to date. Simply look through them, Accept or Reject them. The simple interface makes it really easy to find what you are looking for.

Make an Appearance

Appear as you always do. However, by using AppearMe you can fill in your day with more appearances AND you can even pick up appearances in real time while already in the courthouse.

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Cost of special appearance

Get Paid

You will get paid the second you close the case and submit your appearance report. Appearances taken within 24 hours of the hearing date/time get transferred within 48 hours just because banks are not fast enough to process 2 transaction in 24 hours.