60 Seconds – That’s All You Need to Hire Freelance Lawyers for Your Law Firm

Ugh! The last few days have been crazy busy at our law firm. Our schedules and priorities changed with unexpected events, tasks and calls. That’s why we had to schedule legal professionals at the last minute. Luckily, AppearMe helped us hire qualified legal professionals in seconds.

For those who don’t know yet, AppearMe is an app connecting law firms or attorneys with qualified appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, contract attorneys, court reporters, or interpreters. The app is reliable, fast performing, and has the features we need.


Looking for Freelance Lawyers? AppearMe Can Help!

I know, I know – hiring a legal professional at the last minute is tough. Traditionally, it can take days or even weeks just to schedule a legal professional. AppearMe was created to solve this problem and allow law firms to hire freelancers quickly and easily.

Tons of law firms today use AppearMe to post requests for appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, legal freelancers, court reporters, and interpreters.

If you want to see AppearMe in action, don’t hesitate to give it a shot!  With just a few steps, the law firm manager or the attorney signs into the app (the registration is FREE), submits a request and gets matched with an experienced legal professional. That’s it!


Freelance Lawyers: Other Great Features from AppearMe

Let’s make this clear: AppearMe should be on every attorney’s device. In fact, thousands of lawyers are in love with the app as:


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