Why not Refer a Case when You Can Earn Referral Fees?

If you are not an authorized user of AppearMe, we encourage you to join the application now. In addition to posting unlimited court appearance jobs, you can refer a case and earn referral fee with our portal. AppearMe allows attorneys to view all information related to the case, track progress and share required information and all in one 100% automated application. Here is how it works.


Refer a Case – Thousands of Attorneys Are Registered Users

When you post your referral on our application, thousands of registered users get notifications on their mobiles and emails. By a simple click of your mouse, you gain access to a pool of attorneys who are competent in various fields of practice. Now you can select the attorney you need reading their profiles and assessing their competence in accordance with the requirements of a specific case.


Earn Flat Fee or a Percentage

Depending on the state regulations, the referral fee may vary. You may get a flat rate or a percentage of the fee. Various states have various regulations with regard to referral fees.

The referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.


AppearMe – a Connecting Portal

AppearMe is a connecting portal for attorneys to meet for case referral. We have no processing fee or any other fee charged on the attorney when they refer a case. The amount and terms of payment for the job are to be agreed between the two parties. We serve as a place where attorneys meet.


Sign Up to AppearMe

Since this is an exceptional offer to get referrals and post/receive court appearance jobs, we highly encourage you to sign up to AppearMe today. You can have an instrument in your arsenal of tools that can bring you benefits well beyond you can imagine.

If you are an attorney who wants to receive unlimited court appearance jobs, AppearMe is for you. If you want to post court appearance jobs, this is the tool to use. Finally, if you want to get referrals and refer cases, this is where to go!

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