Who Are Special Appearance Attorneys?

appearance attorney


Some hearings, mandatory conferences, and appearances do not require the attorney of record to be there. Sometimes attorneys have a busy schedule with too many court dates and cannot make it to all of them. At times, the hearings are so far away from the attorney’s office location that getting there would be too time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, we are here to help you find an appearance attorney.

AppearMe will make the process of finding an appearance attorney as effortless as possible. With our website or the mobile apps, you can find appearance attorneys, court reporters, deposition attorneys, interpreters and freelance attorneys in real time within minutes.

How to Find an Appearance Attorney?

You are almost there if you are on our page. You need to take a couple of more steps. Spend about a minute and sign up with us. When you enter your account information, you have to check your email and verify your account information (email and phone number) by clicking on the link provided.

Once you have signed up and verified your account, you will receive appearance requests through the website or our mobile app. Each relevant appearance will be delivered to your mailbox in real time (yes, you can disconnect part or all notifications as you wish). You can accept appearances as far as months ahead of the hearing date and time or maybe 10 minutes before the hearing.

Sometimes you may be notified about an appearance that requires your presence within hours. This is a great opportunity to complete and effectively book your day at a given courthouse. Imagine being at a courthouse and picking up 1 or even 3 extra appearances while you are waiting for your turn on your original hearing. You can earn extra cash while doing your regular job.

This is an exceptional opportunity to be an effective lawyer. Say bye-bye to your stressful and time-consuming attorney search practice. Say hello to the 21st century way of finding an appearance attorney.