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AppearMe is spreading its awesomeness all over the US! From now on, you can find an appearance attorney in Michigan within 60 seconds. The web and mobile app AppearMe helps thousands of legal professionals and law firms to find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, freelance attorney, court reporter, and refer entire cases by only one click. 


Searching for an Appearance Attorney, Deposition Attorney, Freelance Attorney in Michigan? AppearMe is the Best Solution for You!

AppearMe is a useful and easy-to-use application that empowers you to find an appearance attorney, a deposition attorney, a court reporter, a freelance attorney, an interpreter, as well as refer entire cases in Michigan. We have a strong and constantly growing network of lawyers and law firms who use our platform whether to request or accept job offers or refer cases daily. In other words, you can both post and accept job offers using a single ApeareMe application. 

AppearMe saves one of the most precious resources of all legal professionals – the time. The whole process from requesting to committal takes in an average of 2-3 minutes. 

AppearMe provides a competitive pricing policy that is beneficial for both sides; for the attorney who posts a request and for the attorney who accepts the request. Moreover, AppearMe makes invoicing and billing systems easy, automatic and stress-free. 


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