A Plethora of Appearance Attorney Jobs: Make Money when you Want

AppearMe, a web and mobile app, is building the future of appearance attorney jobs. The portal offers a plethora of jobs in the field of court appearances with thousands of lawyers already enjoying the benefits of the app in the states of Nevada and California.

One of the awesome features of the portal is that you can make money when you want without restrictions on the volume of jobs or time restraints. This is one of the most flexible ways of practicing law with more control over your career path.

AppearMe offers something that most lawyers are looking for. It offers a steady source of income while ensuring flexibility of work. This is something most freelance jobs lack. Insecurity of job is something that makes a lot of lawyers prefer regular work with all the heavy workload and stress. AppearMe is an app which helps you to forget about job insecurity while also doing work when you want and how much you want.

These are some of the advantages of choosing AppearMe as your legal tool.


Flexible Hours of Appearance Attorney Jobs

The first advantage of working with AppearMe is that you can work whenever you want. Appearance attorneys post tons of jobs requests during a day and you are free to accept them or not. You can also accept those court hearings that are closer to your geographic area or field of interest.

If you have other tasks to do, you are free to forget about court appearance jobs. If you want to take the weekend off, go for it. With a flexible work schedule, you can take vacations, explore the city, do other freelance or whatever you want.


Control over Jobs

When you do a regular job, you have little or no control over what tasks you perform. When you are a freelancer, you can choose what assignments to take. You get all the information about your client’s assignment before you even accept the offer. You can accept offers or not, it’s up to you. There are no requirements on our side to accept any job offers.


Work in any Geographic Area you Want

One of the awesome features of AppearMe offers appearance attorneys the option of specifying in what geographic areas they would like to get job requests. You don’t need to travel to a faraway courthouse spending time traveling to the courthouse and back. All you need to do is to take assignments that are closer to your neighborhood.


No Flat Rate

Attorneys of record can go up the price if they are in an emergency or think that the work is worth more than the minimum. An appearance attorney can make a minimum of $60 per appearance, but this price is not fixed. They can make more than that if the attorney of record offers a higher rate. Read about our pricing to have a better idea of our rates.

You can explore more about AppearMe on our blog page. Sign up to AppearMe and make it work for you!

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