The Benefits of the AppearMe App and Why Attorneys Should Use it

Imagine a platform that brings together hundreds of thousand attorneys together in one space. Whether you are an attorney of record who struggles through the nuisance of a mundane court appearance or you are an appearance attorney who seeks to cover an appearance for you, you will love the idea of getting things done simple and fast.

What if I say that it is now possible to find an appearance attorney within minutes who will cover your case in any court, any hearing and anytime. You need to take a couple of simple steps: enter the web app or download the mobile app, sign up and create your appearance. Hundreds of experienced lawyers registered in the platform will have the chance to take your assignment. After the assignment is closed, you will get your report without even leaving your own house.

This is all about the AppearMe web and mobile app. Created by lawyers and for lawyers, it is designed to make the life of attorneys easier. What are some of the benefits of the AppearMe App?


  •         Find an appearance lawyer within minutes
  •         Pick up appearances for extra cash while at the courthouse
  •         Fill up each court day with appearances ahead of time or even on the same day right from the courthouse by using the AppearMe mobile app.


  •         You sign up, you create your assignment, and the system automatically will notify hundreds of thousand registered attorneys.  


  •         Get paid seconds after the appearance through a simple, fast and secure automated payment gateway
  •         Fill up each court day with appearances ahead of time or even on the same day right from the courthouse by using the mobile app.


  •         Never look for your destination elsewhere. Now the appearance requests provide you detailed court info
  •         Sync with your favorite calendar whether it is Google, iCal, Yahoo or Outlook
  •         Get notified only about offers you prefer
  •         Refer your attorney friends and get $5 for each signup


Are you still asking why an attorney should use this app?

Your life as a lawyer will be a lot easier. Whether you are limited on time or simply unwilling to appear, AppearMe will be your savior.

If you are an appearance attorney, you may want to find an offer within your neighborhood or you just like the flexible schedule of work. After all, you will make a steady income when you have an abundance of offers.

In either case, the answer is simple. Sign up for the AppearMe app and forget about those days when finding an appearance attorney was nerve-wracking and miserable.

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