Need a Freelance Attorney? AppearMe Can Help

The high-pressured life of a desk-bound lawyer makes The Guardian pose a question, “Could freelance be the future for lawyers?” Whether you are an attorney who wants more control over your caseload or you want more work and life balance, contracting freelancers is a solution. Hiring freelance attorneys have penetrated into the realm of the court appearance. Now you can hire freelance court appearance attorneys within minutes anywhere in Los Angeles and Nevada with AppearMe.


Hire an Appearance Attorney With AppearMe  – It’s Easy


The legal practice has changed over the recent years, and flexible work has become part of the lawyers’ life. Many attorneys now choose the path of freelance work as this gives them more control over their work and personal life. Hiring a freelance lawyer is a chance to have a life outside the office. There are a lot of firms that match clients with attorneys who do not want to make desk dinners a way of life. AppearMe is one of them.

AppearMe matches court appearance attorneys with the attorneys of record who want to assign hearings to other attorneys due to emergencies or high level of a caseload.

Hiring an attorney on demand takes a couple of minutes. Once you are registered in the portal, it takes 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance and another 60 seconds for another attorney to commit to your appearance.


Why Hire an Appearance Attorney With AppearMe?


AppearMe offers one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of hiring an attorney on demand. There are no hidden fees or other commitments when you sign up. On a $70 appearance, we have a small $10 processing fee, which means the appearance attorney will get $60 the second he or she closes the case and submits a report to the attorney of record. For complete info about our pricing, go to our pricing page.

AppearMe is also the most efficient system of hiring attorneys on demand with a record time of 60 seconds for an attorney to commit to your appearance.  Thousands of attorneys from Nevada and California states are already registered and enjoy the benefits of the portal.

You can use the portal when needed or desired. You have no commitments whatsoever. The whole process is automatic with the least manual effort in the hiring process.

AppearMe lets you sync your appearance date with Google, iCal, Outlook or Yahoo calendar. You can export your court appearance information to the calendar app of your choice with a simple click.

You can get more info about AppearMe on our help page. At this point, we encourage you to sign up and make AppearMe your legal tool.


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