AppearMe Comes Up with More Clever Features: You will Love it

AppearMe is a web and mobile app that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys.

The whole process takes a couple of minutes, including filling in your profile to submitting and receiving appearance requests.

AppearMe has come up with some clever features that make everyone’s life easier. Here are some of them.


Get Notifications Only on Appearances Near Your Neighborhood

Court appearance attorneys may face the problem of appearance requests in courthouses that are far away from their location. AppearMe tackles this problem most efficiently. Now you can pre-select the geographic location where you would like to work in.

Using the real-time web and mobile app you can specify the appearance announcements you want to receive based on geographic location of the courthouse.


Get Notifications Only on Appearance in the Practice Area you Prefer

Some court appearance attorneys prefer to receive job notification only in specific practice areas because of their general interest or specialization. We have appearance requests in all types of practice areas, including family law, immigration, bankruptcy and so on.

If you are interested only in specific practice areas, you are free to pre-select the areas you prefer.


Get Detailed Court Info on the Appearance Request

Never look for your destination elsewhere. Now appearance requests provide detailed court info, including the phone number of the court department. This feature is designed to make the life of court appearance attorneys easier especially in the times of emergencies.


Sync with your Favorites Calendar

You can sync with your favorite calendar, whether it’s Google, iCal, Yahoo or Outlook. You can export your court appearance information to the calendar app of your choice with a simple click. We thought that this feature will give you even more flexibility and will help you improve your productivity.


Refer your Attorney Friends and Get $5 for Each Signup

The efficiency of AppearMe depends on the number of lawyers registered in the portal. To boost the client base of AppearMe, we offer you to get $5 for each signup if you refer your attorney friends.

When you sign up, you will see the INVITE button right below the main menu. You need to enter the emails of your attorney friends and invite them to join. Once your friend signs up and gets verified, you will receive $5 for each signup. You can invite as many friends as you wish.


Get Paid Seconds After the Appearance

Court appearance attorneys get paid the second after they close the appearance. When you click on the “Close & Report” button on the appearance page and submit a brief appearance report, your appearance will be considered submitted, and the amount, minus the processing fee will be directly deposited into the registered bank account.

Typically, the amount will show up in your account immediately, but it may take some time for the processing bank to complete the transaction.

We are doing our best to make your life easier. We hope you have a better idea about AppearMe after reading this article. You can read more on our blog page.

Sign up to AppearMe and join our big family of attorneys!


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