Be an Appearance Attorney Never Leaving your Main Job

Have you ever thought you could take appearance attorney jobs never leaving your regular work? Earning extra $60 to $150 just for submitting some documents to a court or rescheduling a court hearing can be an appealing offer when you are just nearby the courthouse or stuck in a courthouse for your general assignments.

AppearMe, a new startup that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired, allows you to be efficient in your legal practice. You may get appearance attorney job requests even 10 minutes before the hearing and earn extra money for simple tasks. Sounds attractive? Keep on reading about AppearMe and sign up to this web and mobile app to fill your day with assignments.


Who Is It For? Appearance Attorney Jobs with No End

AppearMe is for attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. This web and mobile app matches attorneys who want to hire someone for covering appearances for them and attorneys that are willing to accept the offer.

Attorneys of record may want to hire someone because of heavy workload or tight deadlines. There are situations when someone’s help is drastically needed. We all know this as lawyers, and this is not new for AppearMe as well as it is created by attorneys.

Other attorneys may want to take up job assignments as appearance attorneys as it is a source of extra income. This is an appealing opportunity for those who want to be flexible in their work schedule and yet keep on earning good money.


Do I Need To Leave My Regular Job?

Absolutely not! You can keep on doing what you usually do and still accept job requests for appearance attorneys. You have no commitments whatsoever when you sign up. You are not obligated to take up jobs or accept job offers. You can work as an appearance attorney when needed or desired.

You can watch appearance attorney job requests throughout the day and fill your calendar with a lot of offers, or you can take 1 or 2 assignments as you wish. Your willingness to work as an appearance attorney depends on your regular work assignments and work schedule.

Using AppearMe is especially beneficial when you happen in a courthouse, and you receive a job request in the same courthouse. Why not make extra $60 at the minimum just for submitting some documents.

AppearMe allows to send and receive documents, so you don’t have to worry about that as well.


How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid once you complete the appearance, mark so in the system and send the attorney of record a brief report. Once you click the “Close and Submit” button, the appearance will be considered closed and the amount, minus the processing fee, will be deposited into your account that you have registered with AppearMe. On a $70 appearance, we have a small $10 processing fee. This means for a job that offers $70 you will get $60 once you submit the appearance report. For complete info about our pricing, go to our pricing page.

You can browse through our website for more information. Thousands of lawyers have already registered in California and Nevada. You can be one of them. We encourage you to sign up and take advantage of an offer that brings gains and no losses! Get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play!


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