Appearance Attorneys Will Save Your Day

The legal industry is witnessing a tremendous shift in legal service delivery models in the form of legal outsourcing. A lot of lawyers have become fully aware of the advantages that legal outsourcing can bring and are applying to the help of external vendors in the field of court appearances. The benefits of appearance attorneys cannot be underestimated. Here are some advantages that you gain by a simple decision of hiring an appearance attorney.


You Save Time By Hiring an Appearance Attorney

One of the most important assets that attorneys of record gain is time. Sometimes it is not reasonable to spend a couple of hours traveling to the courthouse and back just for submitting the missing documents or rescheduling the hearing. It makes more sense to hire someone that will do this job for you, and you keep doing your regular tasks without missing any deadlines.


An Unexpected Call May Ruin Your Day

The help of appearance attorneys cannot be underestimated during the times of emergencies. An unexpected call or family emergency may prevent you from appearing to a court hearing which may have devastating effects. A simple act of hiring an appearance attorney may save you from a lot of trouble when things get out of control.


Cost Savings

A lot of lawyers are already aware that it is more reasonable to take a $150 assignment from a valuable client and pay an appearance attorney $70 killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you earn the difference of $80 by doing a job with a higher return, on the other hand, you don’t turn down a client that can be a source of income in the future.

Attorneys of record reap tremendous cost benefits by a simple gesture of applying to appearance attorneys, and this is something a lot of lawyers have already realized.



Flexibility is another benefit you gain by legal outsourcing. You can easily scale up for a case or a project. In fact, you can take up a lot more projects with a wider margin of the client base. You can tailor your capability in response to the workload and client demands. Finally, with the flexible work schedule, you have the luxury of concentrating on more pressing tasks.


We Offer to Find and Appearance Attorney in 2-3 Minutes

Now you can find an appearance attorney within minutes. There is no sense of waiting hours and even days for an agency to locate an appearance attorney for you.

Our web and mobile app will help you find an appearance attorney in a couple of minutes. It takes 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance request and another 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to your request.

For more information about Appear me, explore the AppearMe app. You can read our pricing page or contact us. Sign up to the AppearMe app and enjoy all the benefits that legal outsourcing can bring!

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