Price Range for Appearance, Deposition and Freelance Attorneys

AppearMe provides the most innovative and effective legal tool with all-featured services. Our real-time & on-demand application and affordable & predictable pricing will truly change how you schedule your hearings/depositions and delegate work.



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Freelance Task


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Important Notes

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel the request free of charge before 5:00 PM the day before Appearance. Otherwise, you will be charged based on an assignment’s price. However, attorneys are strongly encouraged not to cancel the requests.

Price Your Appearance

As of March 21, 2018 Attorneys of Record are able to price their appearance. If you want to offer $145 for a CMC (which has a $75 minimum price) you can easily do so by entering your offered price in the field provided.


The prices are for a single appearance on behalf of an appearance attorney with a 1 to 1.5 hours duration. If the hearing/appearance is rescheduled, even within the same day, that constitutes a separate appearance. Each overtime appearance is to be paid to the Appearance Attorney in the amount of the base rate listed or offered but calculated hourly. An appearance this is over the min 1.5 hours by more than 10 minutes is counted as a full hour.