AppearMe Lets You Find Per Diem Attorneys in New York in Less Than a Minute

Attorneys of record do not need to appear to some hearings, conferences or depositions. Sometimes lawyers have busy schedules, conflicting situations or heavy caseload and they cannot make to all hearings. Finding per diem attorneys in cases like that is a solution for many legal professionals.

We have good news for attorneys in New York. You can find per diem attorneys in New York in less than a minute. This exceptional offer is valid for all lawyers across the New York state.


How to Find Per Diem Attorneys in New York?

You are almost there if you are on our page. Just a couple of more steps and you will be among a pool of lawyers that post and accept per diem services in New York.

You need to spend just one minute to sign up with us. Once you enter your account information, you will receive a notification on your email to verify your account information by clicking on the link provided.

AppearMe needs to verify your information using the state bar association website data. Only the lawyers with an active license and eligible to practice law according to state bar association get into the website. It will take a couple of hours for AppearMe to verify your account.

Once you are registered, you can post per diem service offers to other legal professionals. The lawyers registered in the portal will receive requests through the web and mobile apps. You can post an appearance as far as months ahead of the hearing date and time or maybe 10 minutes before the hearing.


Per Diem Attorneys Can Make Extra Cash

Per diem service providers have a great opportunity to book their day at a given courthouse. Imagine being at a courthouse and having one or even three extra appearances while you are doing your things at the courthouse and waiting for your turn on your main hearing. Per diem lawyers can make extra cash while doing their regular job.

This is an extraordinary way of being an effective lawyer. The legal professionals in New York say farewell to time-consuming court coverage search practice and say hello to the 21st century way of finding a per diem attorney.

If you need to know more about our services, please write an email to [email protected] or call (818) 744-3505 for more details.

One last thing… You can refer a case through the AppearMe portal and earn a referral fee.

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