New York Per Diem Services

AppearMe can help you find New York per diem services fast, secure and at affordable rates. We know what it means to lose a day traveling to and from a courthouse in New York to cover one single case. We are here to help you locate a per diem attorney you need at rocket speed.


New York Per Diem Services: Fastest In the Market

AppearMe is the fastest in the market when it comes to finding a per diem lawyer. Once you submit a request, it will take less than 60 seconds until another legal professional commits to your appearance. The legal practitioners connect with each other through an automated portal where thousands of lawyers are legal users.

The hiring process is automated through AppearMe. Lawyers get push notifications and emails when someone posts a job request. Now the tricky part comes. The first lawyer committing to your appearance will cover the hearing. Because of this, the legal practitioners act fast, and you may find a lawyer in less than a minute.


Everything Is Automated From Request Making to Payment

To request a per diem service you need to fill in a couple of fields which will take 2-3 minutes of your time. Once you submit the request, go on with your day and wait till the attorney who has accepted your offer submits a brief report.

Once the per diem attorney submits the report, he or she will receive the money in his/her bank account. The application processes everything through automation, including the report submission and payment.


Our Rates Are Affordable Yet Competitive

We have one of the most affordable rates in the market. However, we don’t want to compromise the quality of our service, so we made the prices also competitive.

For our pricing policy, please read this page.

We want to be fair both to the attorney of record and to the attorney on demand, so we made our pricing increasingly flexible. Attorneys of record can price their appearances. For example, if you want to offer $180 for a CMC which is normally priced at $150, you can do so by entering the desired price in the required field.

Go ahead, sign up today to this useful tool that will help you many times during your legal practice. Since signing up will cost nothing to you, you appear in an advantageous position having a tool in your arsenal that you can use only when you need.

And yes… You can also use this tool to refer an entire case and earn a referral fee. For more questions, please contact AppearMe.

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