Text a Lawyer or 5 Lawyers for Free and Then Decide if you Want to Hire

How do you normally find a lawyer to refer a case or delegate a small task? You probably call a friend for a recommendation or contact a lawyer referral service or, worst-case scenario, search in attorney directories. Guess what? This is a trap! Even if the consultation is free, it is the lawyer who will provide cost estimates based on your individual case. Tired of endless search, you will end up hiring an attorney at a fee he or she offers. Believe me or not, after a long and busy day and piles of documents on your desk, this is quite a possible scenario. What if I say all of these is a 1-click issue and that you are a step away from the lawyer you need. Not only can you text a lawyer free of charge but also you can enjoy numerous services the AppearMe legal application suggests.

Simply put, you create an account, get verified and start posting or accepting freelance attorney tasks. You will always see the minimum price for each assignment without unexpected surprises and wasted time or money (your request will reach thousands of attorneys by a simple click with a response rate of 60 seconds on average).

Now that you know all that, let me give you a touch of what to expect from AppearMe.


AppearMe Charges no Fees for Case Referrals

Most agencies will charge you a flat fee or you may need to pay the lawyer for a consultation when you refer a case. AppearMe is something different. Just submit simple info and an attorney will get back to you in less than a minute. Screen the profiles of 5 or more attorneys in case of attorney case referrals and select the one who best fits your case needs.


Text a Lawyer, or 5 Lawyers Free of Charge

After prescreening the lawyer profiles, you are ready to text the lawyers free of charge (SMS, email, phone or live chat). Talk to the lawyer, find out more about him or her and do it completely free. 

A big feeling of relaxation is expecting you once you delegate the task (have been there). You will get rid of a heavy workload that was going to spoil your day and, what’s more, could make you irritated! Go get a cup of really good coffee (or better your favorite drink) and let things run smoothly without problems that you cannot handle alone.


Do Same With Court Appearances, Depositions and More

Now do the same for court appearances, depositions, when searching for a court reporter, a court interpreter or a freelance lawyer for any task. The users of AppearMe will take care of affidavits & reports, lawsuits/complaints, interrogatories, case summaries, contract drafting, corporation setup, drafting a subpoena, drafting deposition questions and what not!

Your decision to sign up today absolutely free will pay off tomorrow. If you are one of the lawyers that know how to appreciate their time, AppearMe will become your legal assistant for good!


Sign Up to AppearMe Today

It will take a couple of minutes to sign up to this most helpful app. Simply download from App Store or Google Play or get started on the web.  We have a 24/7 Customer Support Service. Make sure you contact us at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected]. You will get details and the best advice on what to expect.

Join today to have a working account in a couple of hours! We are always here to verify your account and are ready to approve it in case you have an active license and no disciplinary sanctions against you.

Get ready to change the way you hired a lawyer! It’s simple, easy and fun with AppearMe.

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