How to Become a Freelance Attorney?

Life at a law firm is a tough road to go. Long work hours, stressful workload and the working environment which may be far from ideal make some lawyers reconsider their working perspectives. If you are a lawyer, who wants more flexibility in your job, considering freelance may be the best option. Working as a freelance attorney allows choosing who to work with and when.

AppearMe, an attorney matchmaking portal, opens vast opportunities for freelance attorneys to work as court appearance lawyers. Signing up to AppearMe means getting tons of job requests in the geographic and practice areas you prefer or take any assignments without even specifying your interest areas.


Signing up to AppearMe Brings Some Benefits


You don’t find a job, the job finds you: The automated process of AppearMe matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys with minimum manual effort. It takes 2-3 minutes for an attorney of record to make an appearance request and another 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to the appearance. This is done without any interference by the AppearMe staff. Attorneys find other attorneys using the portal.


You can work in areas of your interest: Some attorney prefers to work only in certain geographic areas or practice fields. If you prefer to take assignments only in your neighborhood, you can specify the geographic area you want to work when registering. You can also specify the practice areas you want to work in. We have appearance requests in bankruptcy, civil, collections, criminal, family law, immigration, probate, worker compensation hearings. All you need is to set your Preferences in the application.


Never think of administrative tasks: The portal is so user-friendly that it takes a couple of minutes to download the files submitted by the attorney of record and upload the brief report, which is the final result an attorney of record is expecting from you. You don’t wait hours and even days for an agency to assign you a court appearance job. The automatic system does the work of an agency for you.


Be your own boss: You have no commitments whatsoever when you sign up to AppearMe. You can take assignments when desired or needed. This flexible work schedule allows you to make extra bucks at the same time doing other jobs. You decide who your clients are and what projects to work in.


If you are still reading this article, court appearance work must be in your interest area. You can explore more, read about our pricing or sign up.

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