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If you are in search of Seattle appearance attorney services, you are on the right page. Our registered attorneys handle all kinds of appearances, including landlord/tenant, immigration court, traffic court, family court, and foreclosure settlements. We also welcome appearances in 12 other states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Simply sign up to the AppearMe app and hire attorneys in 60 seconds.


60 Seconds? That Is Definitely an Exaggeration!

The truth is that the AppearMe app reduces the number of hours spent on hiring an appearance attorney to 60 seconds of committal. Use 2-3 minutes of your time to make a request and an attorney will get back to you immediately – on an average of 1 minute. Thousands of attorneys are loyal users of the app and appreciate the time that AppearMe saves for them. Be one of them! 


How to Become a User of AppearMe to Find Seattle Appearance Attorney Services?

Simply get to your browser and head to You will see the SIGN UP FREE button on the right top menu. Fill in the required information and click “sign up”. We will verify your info and get back to you. Yes, you need to meet some requirements to become a user of AppearMe. You should have an active license and clean of disciplinary history. If you qualify, welcome to AppearMe! Once you submit your info, you will get a notification from us in a couple of hours.


Is It Only About Court Appearances?

No! You can post/accept depositions and legal freelancing jobs as well as find court reporters and interpreters. A big package of services at no cost to you! The subscription is free. You pay as you go which means that you pay per assignment. You will be clear about the costs you are going to incur. Right now have a look at our pricing page.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of freelance tasks you can submit/accept.


Have Some Questions? Contact Us!

If you have questions on how the app functions, please head to You are welcome to address any questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the website info.

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