Get More Done in a Day With a Legal App

Here is a story of Mr. Jones who starts the day with a plan and stays focused on his to-do list. He doesn’t need more hours in a day. He just uses AppearMe to get more done in a day. But that was not the case with Mr. Jones before. He was trying his best to be productive and manage every task on his own. After a shocking nervous breakdown, Mr. Jones realized that he cannot do everything by himself even if he works 12 hours a day. Here is what he has to tell:

I worked long hours and tried to meet all deadlines. Do you think I failed? Yes, in a way I did because I ruined my health not to speak about my family life. I finally came to realize that I need a helping hand. One of my fellow lawyers recommended AppearMe, a legal application that helps get freelance assistants easily and fast. I had no choice. Either I had to continue working as before and lose everything or I had to outsource.

I did not like the idea of outsourcing at the beginning. I thought I was wasting money. But once I started, I came to realize that I am better off both in terms of money, time and most importantly health.

Now when I need a helping hand, I simply open the application on my mobile and make a request for a freelance attorney. So far I have never had any problems with attorneys or the app. Finally, I found a way to be more productive but do that not at the expense of my health.


How Can You Get More Done in a Day with a Legal Application?

The story of Mr. Jones is typical to a lot of attorneys. Sometimes things get out of control and you cannot meet all the deadlines. This is why thousands of attorneys are already loyal users of AppearMe, a mobile and web app that helps attorneys to get matched. Everything happens in minutes, including request making and committal.

You just need to sign up for free and start posting or accepting job offers. The cool thing about the app is that you can both post and accept offers using the same profile. So if you happen to have free time, you can commit to a task and earn extra bucks. 


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