Today’s Demand for Appearance Attorneys is the Highest Than Ever Before

The profession of court appearance attorneys is becoming more and more popular. The legal business poses demands for outsourcing due to the high volume of work and expertise shortage. Often times law firms find it more prudent to outsource a job rather than pay an hourly wage to a salaried employee.

Legal outsourcing market was estimated to be worth $2.4 billion globally a couple of years ago and this number has a tendency to grow due to some peculiarities of legal business that have shaped a new way of relations between the employers and the legal professionals.


Appearance Attorneys – A Solution to Legal Outsourcing

When it comes to legal outsourcing, appearance attorneys are one of the first professionals that come into mind. Often times lawyers and law firms cannot handle the whole caseload, and they need to hire a court appearance professional to appear to hearings. This trend is gaining wide usage, and a lot of law firms now seek court appearance professionals to help them out and here is why.


Cost Savings

A lot of law firms have realized that they can gain benefit from labor arbitrage. When law firms hire outsource professionals, they normally have wage difference between the salary paid to the in-house personnel and the wages to outside vendors. For example, an in-house lawyer may cost a law firm $150 per hour. An outside vendor can do that same at the cost of $75. Court appearance attorneys are the most needed in this regard as they save time on traveling and reduce the costs for law firms.


Access to Expertise

Law firms do not have all kinds of expertise that may be needed for specific cases. A lot of time a law firm specialized in divorce may get a real estate case that it cannot handle. Instead of rejecting the case, they outsource the case and gain access to external expertise. Hiring a competent court appearance professional specialized in a specific practice area is also one of the legal demands of today business and this trend continues to grow.



Law firms can tailor their needs to client demands by employing both in-house personnel and outsource vendors. This is especially true about small and mid-sized law firms who lack sufficient staff to handle all cases. When they hire an outsource vendor, they easily can scale up for a case or a project.


AppearMe – Your Platform for Court Appearance Professionals

Due to increasing demand for court appearance jobs, the market has responded accordingly. A new application has revolutionized the way court appearance professionals are hired. You can submit a case on a mobile or web application, and within minutes one of the lawyers registered in the application will accept your offer. Due to the number of lawyers registered in the portal and the smart solution of the automated application, the committal to your case takes less than 60 seconds. This is a real help in times of emergencies or when things get out of control.

Since signing up to AppearMe is free, spend a couple of minutes and sign up. You never know when you will need help with your court appearance needs.

If you are a lawyer who does not mind taking court appearance jobs to make extra bucks, please sign up. Your income will go up several times if you spend a couple of hours doing a freelance job.

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”

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