An Alternative Way to Earn Money: Refer Cases to Your Attorney Friends!

Earning money as a legal professional has taken many different forms. If you are familiar with AppearMe, you should know that you can make money by taking court appearance jobs. Since AppearMe is expanding its services, you can also refer cases to attorneys registered in the application and earn a referral fee (depending on the state regulations). AppearMe can ease your search for a lawyer in a lot of ways. You don’t need to spend long hours searching for the attorney you need. Lawyers will contact you themselves when you post an announcement.


How to Refer Cases with AppearMe?

As you may know, AppearMe is a portal where legal professionals post and receive court appearance jobs. Notifications are sent instantly to thousands of legal practitioners who may decide to take it or not depending on their work schedule. Since thousands are registered with the portal, the chances that someone will take the job is 10 out of 10.

The same procedure works for referring a case. Suppose your workload is too high or you have received a case which is out of your expertise area. Instead of declining the offer, you can post an announcement with AppearMe and get replies from your attorney friends. Now you can view the profiles of up to 5 lawyers who applied and decide who you want to assign the job. The screening check will allow you to choose the attorney who is right for a specific case.


Why Would I Want to Refer a Case?

You may want to refer a case simply because you don’t want to decline an offer because of the heavy workload. The person who applies to you is a potential client in the future, and you don’t want to say hard “No”.

Another reason for referring a case is that you may earn a referral fee if you assign the task to other attorneys. Depending on state regulations, the amount of referral fee may vary. It may be a certain percentage of client fee or a fixed amount depending on the case. For individual cases, please contact AppearMe for more info.

How many offers do you have to decline in a month? Add the referral fees together, and you will get an additional source of income just for clicking your browser.

If this offer seems attractive to you, we suggest to sign up to AppearMe and start referring cases to other legal professionals whenever the need comes.

We understand you may have questions that you would like to address AppearMe staff before you proceed. If so, please call (818) 744-3505, and we will eagerly answer to all your questions. Also, don’t forget that you are playing a double game with AppearMe. It is a portal for both case referrals and court appearance jobs. Don’t miss your chance of being efficient! Your productivity is in your hands!

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