Finally, Find an Appearance Attorney With One Touch on Your Phone

Ever made purchases with one click? What if I say you can hire an appearance attorney exactly like that? To find an appearance lawyer in literally minutes, you need to sign up to AppearMe, the smartest application for locating the professionals you need.

AppearMe is a 100% automated system for posting and accepting appearance attorney jobs. It offers you the smartest and easiest solution to connect the other lawyers with a click on your phone. Sounds intriguing? Go on reading the article. We will tell you what you will get when you sign up to the legal portal that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired.


Web and Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

When you sign up to AppearMe, you get access to a web and mobile application (iOS and Android) that you can use to post an announcement for an appearance. Those having signed up can claim for your offer. Since thousands of lawyers are already registered, expect to see your offer claimed in literally minutes.


Fast and Easy Sign Up

Signing up to AppearMe take 2 minutes, just a couple of fields to fill in. It is also absolutely free to sign up. You don’t need to pay when the system registers you. Just sign up and start posting and accepting court appearance offers.


Appearance Attorney: A Network of Thousands of Attorneys

AppearMe is currently operating in New York, Texas, Nevada, and California. Thousands of lawyers are loyal users of the 100% automated app. The process of hiring a per diem lawyer or finding a job has become easy for them. The legal professionals registered in the portal enjoy things that are nerve-wracking for other legal professionals.


Automated Request Processing

AppearMe is a 100% automated app. The whole process from request processing to invoicing to payment is done automatically. There is little manual involvement needed. The lawyer needs to create an offer filling in 2-3 simple fields, and they have done their job. Now he/she can sit back and enjoy their cappuccino while other professionals are covering the hearing.


Automated Payments and Invoicing

Payments and invoicing is as automated as anything else with AppearMe. The App will charge you once your attorney claims for your appearance. You don’t need even to worry about paying the attorney. The system will do that through the bank account that you have registered with AppearMe.


Receive Earning 1 Hour After Closing the Appearance

Those who cover court appearances need to write a brief report and submit it to the portal. Once submitted the app will automatically make the payment with the total process taking up not more than 1 hour.


Free Download

AppearMe is absolutely free to download. You don’t need to pay anything. Just sign up and start accepting or posting job requests.


Pay per Match

The attorneys pay per match when they post an offer. This means that the money will be charged only when another lawyer claims for your appearance.


Refer a Case

Now you can refer a case to a fellow lawyer using the portal. The process is the same. You post an announcement and wait till another lawyer claims for your case. It will take a couple of minutes till a fellow attorney claims for your case.

We have created a user-friendly network for all lawyers. We look forward to seeing you as part of our big legal team!

If you need more info on how AppearMe works, please contact [email protected].

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