Need Court Coverage in Bend? We’ve Got You Covered!

Ever thought you could find an attorney online for your court coverage? That’s possible with a mobile and web app called AppearMe. You can reduce the time of committal to your request to 60 seconds by simply signing to this application and submitting a request. Expect less than a minute for an attorney to commit. 

Go on with reading this article and you will learn how to get registered and post unlimited job requests and most importantly pay as you go! Do it in Bend and in 12 other states, including in Minnesota, Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.


Get Registered for Court Coverage in Bend

First things first, you need to get registered and do it absolutely at no cost to your pocket. There is no subscription fee or any hidden costs. You pay as you go meaning you pay for each assignment that you request. 

Our payment system is clear and simple. You will know beforehand the cost that you will incur (for our payment system, look at our pricing page). You can hire an appearance attorney at a fee as low as $75 per appearance. That’s a very competitive price especially if you think of less hassle that you will go through with AppearMe as compared to other agencies. Just think of hours of time you spent on hiring freelance attorneys. Now think of 2-3 minutes of your time spent on request making and committal. I bet you will notice the difference!


What Makes Us Different?

I know there are hundreds of agencies that provide court appearance services. As mentioned above, the first and the most important thing that makes AppearMe a valuable tool is the timing. You can reduce the time of finding an appearance attorney from several unsuccessful hours to 60 seconds.

The second important feature that makes AppearMe different is the multiplicity of functions performed by the app. You can find not only an appearance attorney but a deposition attorney and legal freelance attorneys for various tasks from research to drafting.

Finally, you don’t pay a single penny either for signing up or as monthly pay. You pay per assignment with a clear notification of the cost you are going to incur.


How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy with AppearMe. Simply head to and click SIGN UP FREE. Alternatively, download the app from App Store or Google Play and sign up. 

If you have any questions, call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. We work round the clock and will get back to you in a couple of hours. 

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