How Does AppearMe Help Attorneys?

Attorneys are one of the busiest professionals in the justice system. It’s not a secret that they have a heavy caseload on their shoulders and sometimes we demand impossible from them. Having in mind the legal challenges of legal professionals, two lawyers created an application called AppearMe. The goal is to help legal practitioners to schedule their workload efficiently and increase their productivity through task delegation and outsourcing. Let me detail how AppearMe helps legal professionals in their daily work.


Attorneys Can Delegate Court Hearings

One of the excellent features of AppearMe is the court appearance. Legal professionals can find a lawyer on demand even 10 minutes before their hearing.

Normally legal practitioners take tasks that are closer to their location. This means they don’t have to travel to a faraway location to attend the hearing. In fact, some of them even appear waiting in the same courthouse where your hearing will take place. All they need to do is to step in next door and cover the hearing earning minimum $75.

This is an unprecedented offer both for the hiring lawyer and for the appearance lawyer. Both are on the winning side. This is one of the rare situations when all parties are happy with what they get.


Attorneys Can Refer Entire Cases

Lawyers gain advantages when registering to the application. They can refer a case for free, which means AppearMe will not charge anything for the referral. The referring attorney can earn a referral fee while the attorney who gets the job can earn big bucks.


Attorneys Can Find a Court Reporter

You can also find a court reporter with AppearMe. This means you hit two or even three birds with one stone! Just by signing up to the application, you can delegate tasks, find appearance attorney and a court reporter. Seems good? Then go ahead, sign up for free!


Signing up to AppearMe is Free

With a lot of benefits, it seems fantastic that joining the portal is absolutely free. You don’t pay anything out of pocket when you register. Attorneys of record pay when someone accepts the offer, i.e., the pay per match.

You may have questions that we did not cover. Please go ahead and contact our staff for more info. Our 24/7 Customer Support heroes will eagerly answer all your questions and guide you through the registration process.

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