What to Expect from an On Call Lawyer!

Do you usually plan your day and try to stick to it? You are not alone! Almost all lawyers do! The question is how often you manage to complete all your tasks on the list! Almost never? Again, you are not alone!

Sudden calls from clients, important documents that need to be reviewed or signed, and court appearances that pop up out of nowhere can easily ruin your plans!

So, it’s important for lawyers to be ready for any emergency! But how, you ask? We have the answer!

AppearMe, the first of its kind web and mobile app can help you find an on call lawyer to cover your appearance when you can’t!

If you turn to AppearMe for help, here’s what you can expect from our on call lawyers!


Only Highly-Qualified Attorneys Can Join AppearMe!

You have just hired an appearance attorney using AppearMe to cover a court hearing on your behalf. It’s time to get back to work! But be honest! Instead of preparing and filing legal documents you just start reviewing the appearance attorney’s LinkedIn profile, don’t you?

This is because you keep wondering if the on-call lawyer you have just hired is qualified enough to properly complete the task! But you better stop wasting your valuable time and close all unimportant tabs on your brain and computer.

The thing is AppearMe reviews the information submitted by on-call lawyers and verifies it through the state bar association website. Attorneys with the history of disciplinary action or inactive bar license never get into the system.

In other words, we set a high bar for lawyers who want to join AppearMe and allow busy lawyers like you to hire only knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to appear on your behalf.

Now take a deep breath and focus on more important matters!


On Call Lawyer: Knowledgeable, Experienced, Talented! That’s All About Attorneys Registered in AppearMe

Another subtle advantage of hiring an on call lawyer using AppearMe is that appearance attorneys are experienced legal experts who are well versed in legal matters and are able to handle different types of cases.

Our appearance attorneys appear in court for cases related to civil and criminal law, bankruptcy, family law, immigration, etc.

Believe us! Our team of experienced appearance attorneys will handle your court appearances with professionalism and complete attention to details!


When Overwork Kills Productivity On Call Lawyers Can Work for You!

Waking up, checking mailbox while drinking a cup of hot coffee. Trying to go to the gym, then realizing you can’t make it because you have meetings with clients. Looking over documents at the office, answering calls and getting a bunch of emails while you are on call. Heading to court to cover an appearance. Getting coffee. Returning to the desk and signing a set of documents… Finally, heading home knowing that tomorrow everything will start again!

Familiar story, right? This is how the average full-time lawyer’s workday looks like! In fact, full-time lawyers are almost always involved in several cases all at once and are more likely to lose their focus!

On the flip side, on-call lawyers are free to choose the hours and days they want to work and the number of job assignments they want to take which certainly enhances their productivity. So they can extremely help those who have multiple hearings on the calendar, like you! Think about that!


Start Making the Most of Our Per Diem Services Now!

Now when you know what to expect from on call lawyers, you may want to make the most of our per diem services in case you are either in another court, on vacation, feeling sick, or just too busy to make the appearance yourself. But where do you start?

In fact, no matter you are at a law firm, in a traffic jam, by the pool or at a picnic, you can find an appearance attorney within minutes any time you want!

All you need to do is sign up to AppearMe and post an unlimited number of jobs in a wide range of practice areas. One of the highly experienced attorneys will accept your request and take care of your case! Yes, it’s that simple!

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