Invite Your Attorney Friends and Get $5 for Each Signup

Do you have attorney friends to whom you would like to boast about the new AppearMe web and mobile app? Are you aware you can earn money for each referral?

AppearMe has created a tool that enables thousands of lawyers registered in the system to invite their attorney friends to join the network and receive $5 if the invited attorney signs up to AppearMe. Your friends will love the idea of finding an appearance attorney within minutes or earning steady income over time.


How Does This Feature Work?

When you sign up, you will see the INVITE button right below the main menu. You need to enter the emails of your attorney friends whom you would like to invite. You can invite as many attorneys as you wish.

As soon as you send the invitation, the system will register the email addresses and wait for your friend’s response. Your friend will receive an invitation on his email that includes a link to AppearMe sign up. Our system will track down whether the invitee has signed up. We will give you a $5 cash upon successful registration of the new account with the email that you have mentioned.

You can send an unlimited number of invitations. You will get $5 bonus for every additional lawyer registered in the system.

Invite your friends and enjoy a good ubiquitous latte for $5!

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AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile app that connects thousands of attorneys within minutes. It lets you find appearance attorneys or court appearances even 10 minutes before the appearance time.

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