Appearance Attorneys Using the AppearMe App Appear Anywhere

Hiring an appearance attorney has never been easier. A web and mobile app, called AppearMe, has disrupted the traditional modes of finding an attorney on demand. It is a revolutionary app due to its functionalities and here is why.


You Can Find an Appearance Attorney Anywhere

The efficiency of the app is conditioned by the number of attorneys registered in the portal. Thousands of lawyers are already the users of the AppearMe app. This means that your chances of finding an appearance attorney are incredibly high.

Nevada and California are the main service areas of AppearMe. We have attorneys registered in Burbank, Henderson, Paradise, Van Nuys, Los Angeles and elsewhere.


It Takes 2-3 Minutes to Find and Appearance Attorney

The second awesome functionality of AppearMe is the record time at which attorneys are matched. It takes 2-3 minutes to upload your case and another 60 seconds for another attorney to commit to your appearance.

This is a revolutionary mode of hiring attorneys on demand, and it disrupts the traditional concepts of how regular agencies work.

Signing up to AppearMe is done by simple steps. You need to create a profile and get verified. Once the system verifies your account, you can start sending and receiving appearance requests.


Appearance Attorneys Get Paid at the Moment They Submit an Appearance Report

Appearance attorneys get paid at the moment they complete the appearance, mark so in the system and send the attorney of record a brief report. The amount, minus the processing fee, will be automatically deposited into the account of the appearance attorney which will show immediately or whatever time is needed for the processing bank to complete the transaction.


Attorneys Have no Restrictions on the Amount of Work or Time

When attorneys sign up to AppearMe, they don’t commit to anything. Attorneys of record can submit appearance requests whenever they need or want, and the appearance attorneys can accept appearance requests when they have the time or willingness to do appearance work.

The flexibility of appearance attorney jobs opens opportunities for appearance attorneys to earn as much income as they wish while doing other jobs on the side. This makes AppearMe an exceptional tool in the hands of attorneys who want to make money whenever they want or need. It is also a tool for attorneys of record to use when they need someone to cover appearances for them.


Sign up and Get Started

We have done our part of the job. We have created a portal that is incredibly user-friendly and lucrative. We wait for you in our big family of attorneys as your presence counts for us. Sign up to AppearMe and get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play Store!

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