Hire a Skillful Attorney on Demand Using the AppearMe App

Hiring a skillful attorney on demand has never been easier using AppearMe. Find an appearance attorney less than 10 minutes before your court hearing. This revolutionary method is disrupting the way appearance attorneys are hired. It is created for attorneys by attorneys keeping the busy schedule of lawyers in mind.


How can I hire a skillful attorney on demand?

Traditionally, attorneys of record turned to agencies or fellow lawyers for appearance attorney recommendations.  This method is inefficient, it takes hours, even days and is outdated.

AppearMe offers a new way of hiring an appearance attorney. This web/mobile app allows thousands of attorneys in the system to upload appearances or to claim for appearances within minutes. You can now find an appearance attorney with the click of a button just like you call a cab.

Simply sign up to AppearMe and get verified. Once the system verifies you through your email address, you can upload your appearances with a few simple steps. Then just wait a few seconds for other attorneys to claim for your appearance.  The whole process only takes minutes!


How do I know if the attorney is skillful?

Once an attorney on demand claims your appearance, you can look through his or her bio and even call and send messages. The attorney profile includes all the information you need. You can interview the appearance attorney on the phone.

You are not encouraged to cancel the appearances especially when you have been already matched with an appearance attorney. However, if for any reason you want to cancel, you can browse your appearance on the AppearMe app and click on the “Delete” button. You can cancel the appearance request 24 hours before the appearance date and time. If you want to resubmit the offer, click on the “Resubmit” button.


Is there any commitment involved?

You are not committed to anything when you sign up. You can sign up anytime and use the app when you need it.

Attorneys of record  use this app in emergencies or when they need a few extra free hours. Appearance attorneys use the app to make extra money or to enjoy a flexible work schedule.


What are my benefits?

The application is insanely useful, effective and lucrative for users. It is so effective that it takes 2-3 minutes to upload one’s appearance info and another 60 seconds for another attorney to commit to covering the appearance.

When you submit an appearance request, you will see the minimum price listed for each appearance. The app’s custom pricing feature allows you to offer a higher price if you believe your appearance should be priced higher. The final price selected by you will be charged on your credit ONLY when the appearance is claimed.

The app is affordable for attorneys of record and profitable for attorneys on demand. Scheduling ahead lets you plan for trips or court conflicts; but you can also cover emergencies when they occur.

When signing up, you make no commitments whatsoever. Signing up sets you up to quickly find an appearance attorney when you need one, a helpful tool in case of emergencies or when you want to fill up free time with income generating appearances.

AppearMe is bringing ingenuity and innovation to the legal industry. Sign up to AppearMe to grow your legal business now!


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