Find an Appearance Attorney in Your Area of Law

Finding an appearance attorney qualified in your area of law is not rocket science anymore. AppearMe, a web and mobile application has features that allow attorneys to register in the areas they are qualified. Attorneys using the AppearMe app are qualified in all areas of law, including family law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil and criminal law. You can find one without any hassle.


Attorneys with Disciplinary and Related Actions Won’t Get Approved

When hiring an appearance attorney, the attorneys of record want to make sure they are licensed and qualified. AppearMe takes care of this issue with the most care checking the lawyer’s bar number through the attorney’s state bar association’s website. AppearMe does not approve the profiles of the attorneys with an inactive license or disciplinary and related actions. Mutual trust is an essential factor for our business, and we make sure that professionalism is part of AppearMe business from the start.


Appearance Attorneys can Choose the Area of Practice

One of the features of AppearMe allows the attorney to choose the areas of law they are most interested and would like to receive job notifications. This makes everyone’s life easier, including the attorneys of record. When an attorney chooses a practice area as “preferred,” it is valid to expect him or her to have specialized in this area or have more work experience in the particular field.


Areas of Law Most Preferred by Appearance Attorneys

Appearance attorneys using the AppearMe app choose the following areas of practice as “Preferred”:

  •         Civil Cases
  •         Bankruptcy
  •         Criminal Cases
  •         Family Law
  •         Immigration

Appearance attorneys who signed up can appear to the following type of appearances :

  •         General/motions
  •         CMC
  •         Ex Parte
  •         MSJ
  •         Pretrial
  •         Status conference
  •         Trial setting conference
  •         Chapter 7/13 hearing
  •         Arraignment
  •         Continuance
  •         Expungement hearing
  •         Mandatory Appearance
  •         Settlement Conference
  •         Traffic trial


AppearMe – a Fast and Easy Way of Finding an Appearance Attorney

Due to the features of AppearMe, this app is the fastest and the most accessible tool for finding an appearance attorney. We expect you to join the team of attorneys and start posting and receiving appearance requests. The speed of AppearMe is unbelievably high – you can find an appearance attorney in less than a minute. Since you are free of any commitments, signing up adds value to your legal practice. Why not have an extra tool in your pocket when you pay only when needed?

Sign up and take care of your court appearance issues with ease!

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