I Just Signed Up to AppearMe, How Do I Request an Appearance?

Just signed up to AppearMe? Welcome to the real-time and on-demand web and mobile app bringing thousands of attorneys together in one place. AppearMe is a useful online platform aiming to create mutually beneficial bonds between appearance attorneys and attorneys of records. It is a user-friendly and secure app for both submitting and accepting appearance requests. We have thousands of experienced and skillful attorneys registered in our platform who request and accept appearances daily in courthouses through California, Nevada, and Texas (coming soon).


Requesting an appearance through AppearMe is as easy as ABC

In the event you are too busy to attend a courthouse or the appearance courthouse is at a long distance from you,  AppearMe can help you resolve the issue just in one stroke. AppearMe is a secure, easy to use and effective system that enables you to handle your court hearings without even attending them. Just requesting an appearance a day or even several minutes before your appearance time can resolve the matter successfully.

After registering, the application will guide you through several simple steps on how to submit an appearance request. As soon as you successfully post an appearance request, all the registered lawyers will be notified about the appearance.


Step by step guide on submitting an appearance request

Once you sign up for the service it will take you only a couple of minutes to request an appearance. You are allowed to submit appearance requests for various types of cases, such as business law, family law, immigration, etc. Follow the easy and useful steps to successfully request an appearance and have your courthouse appearance handled by other available lawyers:

  • Go to the ‘’Create an appearance’’ section to make an appearance request.
  • Fill out all the required fields regarding the appearance type and number, courthouse details, as well as appearance date and type.
  • Each appearance has its own estimated price. Yet, you can choose to bid up the value and encourage appearance attorneys to take your appearance faster.
  • You are allowed to attach files relating to the appearance by clicking on Attach button below.
  • Once all the fields are successfully filled, you can submit your appearance request which will appear in ‘’Unmatched’’ section.
  • As soon as your request is accepted by an appearance attorney, you will be notified by email and through the application.
  • See detailed information on the appearance attorney taking your request on the right corner of the appearance.
  • You can also re-submit the same appearance request by clicking on the “Resubmit” button.
  • Note that you are not allowed to cancel your appearance request in less than 24 hours before the appearance date and time.


So, if you are overwhelmed with your attorney duties and responsibilities, AppearMe is there to help you share some of your daily duties and save time for more important tasks.  


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