Want to Find a Court Reporter in Portland? Use Our Mobile App!

Ever been desperate because your court reporter got sick and can’t appear to the hearing? You never know what surprises life has for you! That is why we recommend having the mobile app AppearMe in your pocket because you can find a court reporter even 10 minutes before your hearing. But do you know that you can also have access to plenty of court appearance jobs, deposition jobs and freelance tasks with this app? Go on reading to discover the fastest legal application for your legal hiring needs!


A Court Reporter in Portland But More Than That!

So, you jumped on to this page because you need an experienced stenographer. With our legal app, you can post a request for a stenographer and hundreds of court reporters will get push notifications on their mobiles and emails in Portland and elsewhere. The most amazing part is that the court reporters registered in the system respond on an average of 60 seconds because only the first responding professional will get the job. Due to this super simple algorithm (claim first, get the job), the stenographers are super fast. 

Let me congratulate you on this simple coincidence! Your search for a stenographer has taken you to a page that will have an extremely beneficial impact on your law career. Whether you are in search of a court appearance attorney, deposition attorney, court reporter, interpreter or a freelance attorney or whether you want to work as one, you can use AppearMe at no cost to you. The app is absolutely free to download (no subscription fee, no hidden costs just pay as you go). 

Give consideration to one of the most advanced applications of techno age. And here is why.


Your Benefits With AppearMe

  1. FREE sign up
  2. Single profile for posting/accepting job offers
  3. Unlimited job offers for court appearances, depositions, interpretation, court reporting, and legal freelancing
  4. Automatic invoicing and billing
  5. A network of  attorneys with thousands of loyal legal professionals
  6. Fair and competitive prices, no hidden costs
  7. Immediate payment if all is right and good.


Have Questions? Contact AppearMe!

If you have any questions, please head to www.appearme.com. Most of your questions are covered on our website. But we are here round the clock to answer all your questions. Please call us at (888) 900-3080  or write an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

And welcome to the club of law professionals where we enjoy work as much as we enjoy a glass of cold beer on a hot summer afternoon!

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