Need someone to cover your appearance? Read this!

Whether in New York, California, Texas or Nevada, attorneys are in an advantageous position now. They can do their things while other attorneys take care of their appearance needs. Since the is an automated app, there is very limited manual effort involved.


Cover Your Appearance Using this Automated Application

We are talking about AppearMe, a new startup that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. The process of getting an appearance attorney is as easy as A B C.

Attorneys create an appearance, submit a request and next thing they know one of the thousands of lawyers registered in the system covers the appearance.


You need to take these simple steps:

  • Sign up and become registered user
  • Create and an appearance in 2-3 simple steps
  • Wait a minute or so for an appearance attorney to claim for your appearance.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up, another 2 minutes to create an appearance and only 1 minute for a lawyer to claim for the offer. We are talking about a 5-minute deal to meet your appearance needs and all through 100% automated app.


Signing Up is Free, You Pay Per Match

You don’t pay anything when you sign up. Signing up to the portal is absolutely free. When an attorney creates and submits an appearance, they pay per match.

Our pricing procedures are clear, without any hidden costs. You pay an attorney fee plus a small processing fee that may be as low as $10. The price you pay includes both the attorney fee AND the processing fee. Sometimes it may include a court fee.


Do it Without Commitments, Stick to Your Job Plan

You have no commitments whatever when you sign up. You don’t become an employee of AppearMe and there are no fixed hours as well. You post and accept job offers only when you need to.

Attorneys enjoy the freedom to work with AppearMe, and this is something no lawyer can undervalue.


Still in Doubt?

You may be wondering whether to sign up or not. We offer you to give it a try and see if it works for you. You are free to unregister any time you want without any commitment.

If still in doubt and if you have questions about how AppearMe works, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes for more information.

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