In Search of a Court Reporter in Los Angeles? Find One with a Simple Tap!

A court reporter in Los Angeles is a demanded professional for all hearings, depositions, and trials. There is a trend among court professionals to take up freelance rather than in-house work. Some 61% of respondents in an Occupational Analysis Study conducted by the Court Reporters Board of California described their primary work classification as a freelance reporter. As a portal for freelance court professionals, AppearMe is a major source for finding a court reporter in Los Angeles for all attorneys. In this article, we will describe how to find one with a simple click.


Court Reporters Start Registering With AppearMe, Don’t Miss One!

AppearMe helps attorneys to find a court reporter in addition to finding court appearance, deposition attorneys and referring a case. We are actively registering court professionals to take up freelance work with AppearMe. As with appearance attorneys, the procedures are simple. 

An attorney posts a request for court reporting on the portal
The court reporters registered in the portal respond in an average of 60 seconds
The first court reporter claiming for the job gets the assignment
The court reporter covers the assignment on the specified date
The court reporter submits the transcript and gets paid.

Since the portal works on the principle of ”claim first”, “get the job”, the users of the portal act very fast and claim for the job in literally minutes.

Once you get the assignee, you can communicate with him/her through the portal, on the phone or by email.


What to Expect from a Court Reporter with AppearMe?

All court reporters registered with the AppearMe portal are certified. They maintain the codes of professional conduct and are competent in the stenographic work. When you hire a court professional with AppearMe, expect the following:

1. Fluency in utilizing the stenographic equipment
2. Reporting the proceedings in a manner that allows the accurate transcription
3. Preparing transcripts of proceedings from translated stenographic notes
4. Ensuring that transcripts meet regulatory requirements and jurisdictional rules
5. Maintaining confidentiality in accordance with the prevailing rules
6. Timely and accurate submission of the transcript.


Sign up to AppearMe to Start Posting Job Offers

To gain access to the pool of court reporters in Los Angeles registered with AppearMe, sign up today to the portal for free. When you become a user, you can post court reporting jobs, court appearance jobs and you can refer cases. All three services in one 100% automatic app!

Similarly, if you are a court reporter in Los Angeles, it is a good idea to have this app at your disposal. You will get messages on your mobile or by email once an attorney posts a request.

We don’t encourage you to sign up without doing thorough research. Please visit AppearMe site and find out our procedures and prices. Once you are ready, please sign up or contact our staff for more info. You can call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. Our 24/7 team is readily available to help.

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