Your Advantages When Using AppearMe

Do you know that you can be in an advantaged position as a lawyer? You can save your time and money by a simple decision of signing up to a web and/or mobile app that will help you find appearance attorneys within minutes. We are talking about AppearMe – a new web and mobile created by lawyers for lawyers. With AppearMe, you can find a special appearance lawyer even ten minutes before your court hearing!


Be in an advantaged position with AppearMe

AppearMe will give you advantages that other lawyers don’t have. As lawyers, we are aware of the value of time for attorneys. There are times when the attorneys of record cannot cover appearances for matters like handing in a missing document or rescheduling an appearance. Traveling to a courthouse and back is a hassle when your time is of the essence.

AppearMe has been designed to meet the special needs of lawyers. Now you can find an appearance attorney in real time and most importantly within minutes.


Why would you be in an advantaged position if you sign up to AppearMe?

We all know that lawyers are limited on time. That’s why they need the help of other colleagues to cover appearances for them. When you sign up to AppearMe, you will have access to thousands of appearance attorneys that are available any time, for any court hearing. As of today, there are thousands of lawyers registered in the system, and you can count on one for sure if you post a request.

If you are a special appearance attorney, you will be advantaged as well, as you will have access to hundreds of job offers in a day. You can make court appearances a source of steady income, at the same time enjoying the luxury of a flexible schedule.


AppearMe offers features that you will like

AppearMe takes care of its clients with features that will make your day easier.

We did our part to make your job as easy as never before. Now it’s time for you to take action! Sign up to AppearMe and enjoy work flexibility!


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