Court Appearance Professionals – Appearing When You Can’t!

If you are like most attorneys of record, you have a busy schedule and appearing at court for mundane things filing a missing document or scheduling a continuance may be the last thing you have time for. AppearMe provides an easy solution. What if I tell you that you can find a court appearance attorney within minutes? We appear any time, anywhere, for any court hearing.

It takes 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance request and case info, then another 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to making the appearance. Compare this to the old practice of waiting hours and even days, for an agency to locate an appearance attorney for you.


Court Appearance Professionals – We Appear Anywhere

AppearMe is a web and mobile app created by attorneys for attorneys. As lawyers, we are aware of situations when attorneys of record cannot cover appearances for various reasons. We’ve wondered if there were an easier way?  Especially getting help in emergencies or critical situations. There is – we as attorneys, created this app for attorneys like us, and we have made it so seamless that the time from uploading your appearance to the actual commitment is about 3-4 minutes.

AppearMe covers many cities and townships in the States of California and Nevada. We appear anywhere in Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Henderson, Las Vegas, Paradise, Reno, Spring Valley and more. Thousands of attorneys are already registered.


We Appear in Emergencies

An unexpected phone call or a family emergency may ruin all your plans. Even if you planned to appear to a hearing, you might face situations when it is not possible.

Your chances of finding an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before your court hearing improve dramatically using AppearMe. The system will notify thousands of lawyers already registered in the system about your appearance request. You can hire an appearance attorney within minutes of posting your request.


Reasons to Hire an Appearance Attorney

You may want someone else to cover your appearance for a variety of reasons. Tight deadlines are something lawyers are very familiar with. You may have other mandatory duties and appearing to a hearing to simply file a missing document or schedule a continuance may not be the best use of your valuable time.  

Emergencies may be another reason for you to try to hire a special appearance attorney for your hearing. You may face unexpected situations that you have not planned.

The courthouse may be too far away and it may not be reasonable to travel to a courthouse and back for a 10-minute appearance. AppearMe has a feature that allows appearance attorneys to pick up appearances in their neighborhood. So why travel to the courthouse and back, spend on travel and parking when you can hire another attorney to cover the appearance leaving you with invaluable time and resources?

Finally, you may just be stressed. All lawyers are aware of situations when they are stressed and don’t want to go.


Attorneys of Record May Offer Higher Rates for Emergencies

You pay as little as $70 per appearance. There are no unexpected fees and the value is far greater than the price. But if you are in an emergency, AppearMe gives you a chance to offer a higher price than the minimum fixed for a faster commitment. When you offer a slightly higher rate, more appearance attorneys will jump to your offer, and you will not lose your face at a hearing.


Sign up to AppearMe and our professional attorneys will appear when you can’t!

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