Learn How to Find an Erie Local Counsel in Less Than a Minute

The attorney world is talking about AppearMe. Gossips say that there is an app in the market that allows finding an Erie local counsel in less than a minute. The same talks are going on in 12 other states. Attorneys happily share the news. Why wouldn’t they? They get $40 just for inviting a friend. Let’s see what this app is and why the attorneys are so excited about it.


What is AppearMe?

AppearMe is an exciting application that allows attorneys to get matched in literally minutes! Want someone to draft a contract? Fill in some info and click “submit”. Hundreds of attorneys will get push notifications and emails with your request. You’ll get an answer on an average of 60 seconds. Why? Because they know that they will get hired only if they are among the first attorneys who respond. Fascinating things are always simple. So is our app!


I Don’t Want to Pay for Another App! Enough of Me!

Hell, no! You are not going to pay for signup or any hidden costs. The application is completely free to register. Just sign up and start submitting/accepting job requests.

How? Super simple! Simply download the app from App Store or Google Play or head to www.appearme.com to open an account. Fill in the required fields which will not take more than a couple of minutes. Send the info to the AppearMe staff. We will review your profile and if you are an attorney with active license eligible to practice law according to state bar rules, you are almost there! The next requirement is that you shouldn’t have disciplinary actions against you. Do you qualify for both? Then welcome to the AppearMe club! Hire and get hired paying as you go ( for more information on pricing, open this page).


What Else Should I Know About AppearMe if I Want to Find an Erie Local Counsel?

First, you should know that the app is multi-function. You can find a court appearance attorney, a deposition attorney, a court reporter, an interpreter and freelance attorneys for various tasks. If you are submitting a request for a court appearance, attorneys normally respond in their neighborhoods so that they don’t spend much time and money on traveling. You may even find an appearance lawyer in the same court. This lawyer has just to step in next door and earn a minimum of $75. Isn’t that great? The same principle works for freelance attorneys and deposition lawyers. They take tasks in their neighborhoods and in their favorite practice areas. Join the club!


Have Questions? Contact AppearMe for Details and Clarifications!

You may have questions about AppearMe. Our best advice is to visit www.appearme.com website. You will have most of your questions covered. If you still have questions, call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected] without hesitation. Be sure we will get back to you ASAP (in a couple of hours to be more exact). We work 24/7 and our customer service is awesome. Keep in touch! 

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