Court Coverage in Texas is Easier than Never Before

AppearMe web and mobile app helps attorneys in Texas to cover any court hearing they cannot make. Finding a court appearance attorney in Texas is extremely untroublesome because of automatization and digital app, something you would never believe a couple of years ago.

Attorneys registered in the portal cover appearances and depositions in any district court of California, Texas, Nevada and New York. The users of AppearMe appear for any hearing, including civil cases, criminal cases, bankruptcy and more.

What does this look like?


2 Simple Steps to Find a Court Appearance Attorney in Texas

Suppose you have two hearings in one day and you can’t move a hearing. Your ultimate choice will be to hire an attorney who will cover one of the hearings. The good news is that you can do it now with two simple steps:



Sign up to AppearMe for free and post unlimited job offers. Signing up supposes no commitments. You pay nothing when joining the system. You pay a flat fee when submitting an appearance.


Once AppearMe team verifies your account within 24 hours, you can post and receive unlimited job offers in a day. Thousands of attorneys registered in the system get push notifications and emails when you announce the offer. The first attorney claiming for the appearance covers your hearing.


Web and Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

AppearMe is a web and mobile app that operates on iOS and Android. You get connected to the system by downloading the application absolutely free. We have no hidden costs. You pay a competitive price as you use the system with an expectation to have fast turnaround results.


Fast and Easy Signup

Signing up to AppearMe is easy as anything else within the system. We need your full name, email, and password as well as the state, bar number, and the phone number.

AppearMe team needs 24 hours to verify your account. In case of emergency, please feel free to contact AppearMe at the address mentioned below.


Automatic Request Processing

The depositions/appearances are managed automatically from requests to reporting to invoicing – all in one 100% automated app.

Once you create an appearance which takes less than 2 minutes, you have not to worry about anything. You will have your appearance covered followed by a brief report which the appearance attorney is liable to submit upon committing to the job.

The payment as well as invoicing is automated as well. The appearance attorney gets paid instantly when they close the appearance. The money will be in their account after bank processing procedure.

AppearMe is your chance to get ahead of other attorneys who still have not joined the system. If you are still undecided to sign up or not (which is absolutely free!), please contact our Customer Support heroes at [email protected] or (818) 744-3505.

P.S. Refer to a friend and receive $10 per each sign-up.

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